Learn more about the harmful effects of pornography with these helpful resources:

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Articles include:

How Porn Affects the Brain Like a Drug

How Porn Can Become Addictive

How Porn Changes the Brain

How Porn Affects Sexual Tastes

Why Consuming Porn is an Escalating Behavior

Why Porn is Full of Lies

How Porn Kills Love

Why Porn Leaves Consumers Lonely

How Porn Hurts a Consumer's Partner

How Porn Damages Consumer's Sex Lives

Porn's Harm is Changing Fast

How Porn Fuels Sex Trafficking

How Consuming Porn Can Lead to Violence

The Porn Industry's Dark Secrets

How Porn Warps Ideas About Sex

Brain Heart World is a three-part documentary that uses science, facts, and personal accounts to help viewers discover the harmful effects of pornography. View the film at brainheartworld.org.

Truth About Porn is a current, ever-growing database dedicated to the research on the harmful effects of pornography. Go to TruthAboutPorn.org to view expert videos or peruse the study archive.

Porn Harms Research, directed by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, offers archives on the most comprehensive look at available research on pornography. Go to PornHarmsResearch.com.

This talk is a paradigm shifting concept that has you asking, "Am I part of the problem? Or will I be part of the solution?"

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