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Parent Resources

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This webinar series empowers parents to develop healthy relationships with their teens, recognize and respond to harmful trends among youth, raise mentally healthy kids, and protect kids from online exploitation.

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You can watch recordings from the Parent Empowerment Speaker Series here.

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Media Safety for Parents Video

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Media Safety for Parents is a video that empowers parents and guardians to keep their kids safe from the harms of too much screen time, harmful social media, cyberbullying, pornography, and more.

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This video is designed to be used in conjunction with school media safety programs. Contact us if you would like to view it independently.

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Protect Young Eyes

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If you need help setting up parental controls for any digital device, this is the resource for you. They also offer reviews for the most popular apps used by kids today (including social media, video, photo, lifestyle, and gaming apps) and lots of other resources.

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Protect Young Eyes helps families, schools, and churches create safer digital environments. Go to to learn more.

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Power Up Media Workbook

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White Ribbon Week has released an amazing resource for families to be able to apply media safety lessons easily, at home. You can get an individual magazine, or a 6 or 12 month subscription.

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Go to to order yours, today!

Boys at School

Defend Young Minds

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Defend Young Minds is an organization that empowers parents, professionals and community leaders to protect young kids from pornography, and promote healing from any sexual exploitation.

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Check out for tools and resources including the Amazon bestseller book, Good Pictures, Bad Pictures.


Raising Today's Kids podcast

Raising Today's Kids is a podcast designed to empower parents to lift their kids to reach their potential in this challenging digital world. Episodes cover topics on everything from navigating pornography exposure to self-esteem in a social media world.

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Check out or listen on any podcast platform.

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Educate and Empower Kids

Educate and Empower Kids is an organization that provides resources to parents and educators to encourage deep connection with their kids through media education, meaningful family communication and intentional parenting. 

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Check out for tools and resources, including ten different books that can help you have important conversations with your kids.

Science and Technology Class

Better Screen Time

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Better Screen Time is a resource for helping parents strategically incorporate technology into their families in a safe, healthy way. 

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Talking to kids about the dangers of pornography is important - and can seem really stressful! But once you get started, the hardest part is behind you. Adapt these ideas and keep talking as your children grow and experience new things. Every time you talk your children are safer.

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This pdf was created by the Safeguard Alliance, a group of leaders who are preparing young people to grow up free from pornography.

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Shared Hope's Internet Safety

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Shared Hope is developing comprehensive tools for parents, teachers, and all those working with youth to protect children from the traps predators lay with a plan to get these tools into as many adult hands as possible.

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Check out and click on What We Do.

Family Walking On the Beach

Porn-Resilient Parenting

Bird Silhouettes

Taylor Chambers offers an online workshop to support parents in raising porn-resilient children by preparing children before exposure, responding to ongoing use, sexual development and education, cultivating healthy relationships, and internet and media management.

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School Resources

School Resources

White ribbon week

White Ribbon Week

White Ribbon Week is a week long, 5 minute a day program, that educates elementary students to help them make healthy choices with media and technology.

How does EEM help?

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EEM can support you and your PTA in executing a successful White Ribbon Week. 

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STAND Week, Media Safety for Youth

STAND Week is a peer-to-peer media safety program for youth ages 11-14. It also contains a parent education component and encourages an open-dialogue on essential issues between students and their parents.

How does EEM help?

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EEM can support you and your school in executing a successful STAND Week. 

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Click here to find out more about the program.

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Fight the New Drug

Fight the New Drug offers interactive & age-appropriate live presentations that address the topic of pornography using only science, facts, and personal accounts. 

How does EEM help?


We can offer facilitation and resources for bringing Fight the new Drug presenters.

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Contact us for local presentation information. Check out Fight The New Drug for national presentations.

Community Resources

Female Lecturer

EEM Training

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End Exploitation Montana offers live training on media use and the harms of pornography and its contributions to other forms of sexual exploitation. 

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