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Brittany has always believed that with the right tools and support there is no limit to a child’s potential. She is a Certified Family Life Educator and creator and host of the podcast, Raising Today’s Kids, where she shares her deep belief in the power of parents. Brittany has also served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), Sexual Assault (SANE) Advocate, Team Leader for Montana’s Operation Underground Railroad Volunteer Team, and currently serves as Co-Chair of The Safeguard Alliance (a task force of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation) while pursuing a master’s degree in Family and Human Development at Arizona State University. 

Brittany has a bucket list the length of Montana. She would love to experience every adventure from learning to yodel, to running an ultra-marathon, to seeing the northern lights from a hot spring. She loves to travel and integrate with the locals wherever she goes and has had life-changing conversations in cultures from Israel to Haiti. The experience that trumps all others though, is that of being a mother. She and her husband feel so blessed to have four children who are a force for good in the world. They inspire her to fight to protect all children. 

Brittany Homer

Executive Director


Erin Walker

Director of Administration &

Montana O.U.R. Team Leader

The way Erin sees it, few things are more fulfilling than jamming out at her hiphop dance classes, hanging out with her husband and five kids, or working to help children flourish and thrive. She’s pretty much on the move all day, every day, but ask her to make a decision about which plant to pick out at the nursery and you might be waiting a while. Her passion to protect kids and educate families has taken her on quite a journey; where she once only attended conferences and celebrated good legislation, she now gives trainings, speaks at conferences and promotes that legislation. If her efforts help one person, every minute was worth it.  

Chelsea Winterholler

Director of Operations

Chelsea loves to be social. She will do just about anything if she can talk while doing it...she's a photographer, a cosmetologist, and loves to entertain. Cooking is her love language (is that a thing?!) and she has a passion for making memories. Being a mom of 3 boys, she has a high tolerance for rowdiness and has a fierce drive to educate youth on how to empower themselves to do good. Doing service fuels her soul and you can find her watching hallmarks (and crying through every single one) the months of January-December!

Lynnadele is the grandmother of our team. She has always loved being involved and busy with community causes wherever she has lived. She has been self-employed for 45+ years preparing taxes, doing bookkeeping, payrolls and working with retirement investing plans. In her spare time, she loved being her 4 kids’ mom and now enjoys crafting, playing games, and being around her 12 grandchildren. She loves to decorate, travel, and experience new things. No matter what age in life one finds themselves there is always something to learn, experience, love, and enjoy doing. There is no time to be bored in her world!

Lynnadele Nielsen

Director of Finance


Kari Townsend

Director of Outreach


Kate is passionate. Passionate about just about everything. Outlet malls, murder mysteries, old-time radio shows, her two beautiful daughters and handsome husband, a good cookie recipe .. even Koine Greek! (Not necessarily in that order...!) One of her biggest passions is raising a future generation that will not just survive, but really thrive.

Kate Freedman
Director of Public Relations

Tiffany Wardell

Director of Marketing

Tiffany is a recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser who relishes in the joy of making her community a better place. Helping at her kids' school and becoming the chair of a neighborhood task force started her volunteer work in the community which led to helping End Exploitation Montana. Tiffany's passions guide her to all the local symphonies and ballets or watching classic movies and reading classic novels. Teaching ballet is her hobby-turned job, and playing the piano is her therapy. Tiffany's favorite way to make memories with her husband and three kids is by spending time in the outdoors.

For 35 years, Richelle skipped to work and chanted “I get to go to work!” Why? It’s because she had the best job EVER, being a teacher. Richelle’s teaching skills have been recognized nationally, state-wide, and locally. She is a published author and creator of Traffic Light Letters (an abc program that teaches letter and sound recognition), big book kits, and take-home stories. Throughout the years, she has led and attended workshops and conferences locally, state-wide, and nationally. In retirement, her motto continues to be  “Children are our world’s greatest resource.”


“I was blessed to grow up with a handicapped sister, and from her I learned tenacity, perseverance, and how expectations can be limitless. We all need to smile, present our best self, and just go out there and make a difference."

Richelle Selleck

Director of Education Outreach

Kari has a degree in elementary and early childhood development, with a few minors in languages and dance. With her love of children, she can be found dancing around the kitchen with her kids, volunteering at their elementary school, or running them around to their various activities every afternoon. She also helps her husband run their business and home by doing their bookkeeping, and keeping both places clean, organized, and looking good! Fighting for and protecting children’s rights is right up her alley, as she loves seeing children being happy, and feeling safe and loved!

Kari Townsend

Director of Outreach

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