End Exploitation Montana's mission is to extend human dignity through ending all forms of sexual exploitation. We honor and uphold the inherent value of all human beings and believe people are meant to be loved, not used or abused.


We believe sex trafficking, pornography, child on child harmful sexual behavior, sextortion, and sexual assault are all interrelated and must be addressed systemically in order to halt their proliferation and curb their demand. Thus, we advocate for prevention efforts, recovery resources, research, and policy changes that will end exploitation and extend dignity to all Montanans.

To Whom It May Concern,


Thank you for being concerned about Montana’s children and families. Unfortunately, because we are living in a digital age with the most hardcore material available at our fingertips, many Montanans are drowning in a wave of toxic sexuality. It’s heartbreaking to hear of the addiction, child on child sexual abuse, human trafficking, prostitution, sexual assault and more, that are often the result of exposure to pornography.


Montana’s children and families deserve better than this! They deserve to live lives free of sexual exploitation. Since 2016, the legislators in Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and Virginia have officially recognized this, passing a resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis. Montana joined this group in April of 2019.


The resolution simply acknowledges the fact that pornography has inherent risks to be aware of. It has laid the groundwork for research, education, and policy change. In 1964 the surgeon general began warning that tobacco causes lung cancer, etc. Since then, millions of lives have been preserved because people are making informed decisions about whether they want to take on those risks. We need the same kind of public awareness about the harms of pornography.



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