Everyone deserves a life FREE from sexual exploitation.


End Exploitation Montana's mission is to extend human dignity through ending all forms of sexual exploitation. We honor and uphold the inherent value of all human beings and believe people are meant to be loved, not used or abused.


We believe the misuse of technology facilitates all forms of sexual exploitation, including sex trafficking, child on child harmful sexual behavior, sextortion, and sexual abuse. Prevention begins with education, so one of our highest objectives is to educate our youth on how to make healthy media choices.  We offer resources and education on media use for parents, students, and advocates. Parents who strategically incorporate technology into their family can empower their kids to make safe choices online.

We accomplish our mission through our 4 Pillars:

In 2019 the Montana legislature passed a resolution recognizing the public health harms of pornography.

"If you follow public health protocols, the most important protective factor is a well-resourced, well-educated parent."
  - Gail Dines, Sociologist

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Have you heard of White Ribbon Week?

Watch an introduction to this media safety program for elementary schools

media safety for elementary school

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